Real Estate Advisory

BGI has been providing enhanced returns relative to the indices which measure basic asset class exposure for many years. This is achieved by paying close attention to the management of those derivatives and fixed income collateral. Once we gain exposure to the asset class though negotiation and management of those derivatives that give the exposure, we will attempt to add value by fully collateralizing those derivatives and then manage the collateral in a way that aims to outperform the financing rate built into the derivatives. This also applies to our approach to real estate

With over 40 years experience in the real estate asset class at the design, development and management levels, we can confirm that location is a critical driver of good returns. Interestingly, while Greenfield locations are always under development worldwide, we always anticipate that the best locations which are developed first, increase in value as the global economy grows. Real estate can therefore be expected to have return related to inflation over a 5 year or more period when concerning geographical location and building typology.

We apply our strength in the asset class to a disciplined and results driven approach that delivers successful results for the families and businesses that we consult to. In developing our team, we focus on exceptionally talented people and on fostering an environment that rewards independent thinking.