Our Clients

Our work with families has enabled us to advise the following classes of clients:

  • Entrepreneurial Wealth: Some of our clients have attained substantial wealth as a result of remarkable success in business. In such cases, we always advise that the sooner they begin planning for the future, the greater the impact our advisory team can have on assisting them with tax planning, investment and estate planning strategies, diversification of holdings and in general the management of their complex financial existence
  • Inheritance: When a client is fortunate to receive a large inheritance, our office can advise on the appropriate planning and tax strategy, assist with developmental goals, in addition to mobilizing our team to coordinate all the services required to manage wealth.
  • Senior Corporate Executives: This class of client would generally have generated significant wealth through compensation and stock options. Our team brings tremendous experience in creating bespoke strategies to maximizing investment potential
  • Existing Family Office: Some clients who have an existing relationship with a family office often look to us to enhance their wealth management plan. In such cases, we would determine with the client what services should be retained to create the best case scenario for the relevant wealth management strategy.

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