Real Estate Advisory – BGI’s Approach

At BGI, we believe that changes in tax, monetary and regulatory policies, along with evolving wealth demographics, can create enormous opportunities. We therefore track market dislocations to identify opportunities for significant financial gain.

We promote an allocation to tangible real estate assets, which should be differentiated form pooled fund investments and real estate securities such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). This involves the direct ownership and management of investments real estate, as opposed to purchasing shares of a third-party managed pool of assets which is traded publicly. Ownership allows for greater control over performance and returns, and requires more active oversight than investing on other asset classes.

The FOX Investment survey suggest that the average family office allocates 12% of its assets to real estate, and according to the same survey the average family office holds about USD $46 million in real estate investments. To properly facilitate the management of these assets, BGI has a dedicated team of real estate professionals who comprehend the dynamics of the market, finance and market trends. Our team will develop strategies to ensure that the real estate portfolio is adequately aligned with the family’s overall development strategy.


With 4 decades in this sector, we have been able to:

  • Build solid relationships with owners, lenders and intermediaries
  • Establish substantial global connections and market knowledge though or global asset management team
  • Achieve tremendous experience in all skill sets required to maximize potential of every acquisition
  • Make informed recapitalization opportunities involving high value assets characterized by excessive leverage and requiring restructuring or recapitalization

In addition, the following approach has served all of clients well within this asset class:

  • Buy – We acquire high quality , income producing assets as discounted rates
  • Fix – We are quick to address any physical, operational and financing issues
  • Sell – Once all issues are addressed, we sell the investments typically to core investors.