Our Work

At present, we advise families and their enterprises through providing advice on growth structures and engineering, systems and skills for comprehension strategy, better decision making, stronger competitive advantage, and continuity of enterprises for future generations. With over 50 client families in 4 continents, our consultant team has successfully led businesses across industries, family structures and cultures.

The family enterprises we consult to have gone on to create solid foundations for future success through the development of strategies, structures and processes which allow families to work together successfully and should continue to do so for generations to come. Our clients select us based on the following:

  • Blank Slate Approach: As the requirements and characteristics of each family enterprise are unique, our objective approach augers well for each new engagement. This allows our team to better conceive solutions which are tailored to each scenario.
  • Independence: Our team and advisors are devoted solely to the health and success of the family and the enterprise. As such, we value expert guidance and avoid any form of conflict of interest which may derail the process of service provision
  • Experience: Our team consists of experienced consultants in local and international markets this ensures that we are able to deliver first class advice regardless of your family’s requirements.
  • Best fit approach: For us to properly deliver our service, we have to develop a firm comprehension of your business, your objectives and your family. This information is then fed into our development matrix to match your scenario with the best possible advisor based on their experience and skill set.

As advisors and consultants to families with operating companies and family offices, we have observed that decisions about shared family wealth are significantly enhanced.In addition, wealthy families who seek an active future benefit greatly by development structures and processes that promote such a future and it is therefore important that senior members of the family have a true appreciation of the complexity with this approach.

We support our client’s goals by:

  • Identifying independent board members to provide expert advice in key strategic areas
  • Educating families on leadership development, succession and governance while assisting them in articulating a clear vision and defined objectives
  • Developing processes and policies to support effective decision making and good communication
  • Designing governance structures that foster strong family relations and business continuity
  • Defining avenues for working closely with cousins, siblings and more distantly related family members

Our Work